In Treschè Basin
the door on the plateau in the world

There is no other country that offers a broad panorama on all the Asiago plateau and there is no country more convenient to reach from the Plains. In 20 minutes by car from the motorway A31 Piovene Rocchette you arrive in the Centre of Tresché Basin at an altitude of 1100 m above sea level. By Val d Assa al Monte Verena, the woods of the Valley to mountain basin at Highland high, rest in Treschè the step is really short.







The hustle and bustle of the square
a small country with an ancient history

Here in every country is unique, with its own history, the people and their daily lives. Our Hotel faces
on the lively square of in Treschè Basin in which every moment of the day is always a bit special.
From here everything is handy and easily accessible and our guests share the rites and magic of village life.


A vacation in our plateau is:

Air, Sun, snow and walks, a short drive from our Hotel you can reach the high mountain trails and slopes;

Kilometers of old paths for walking, snowshoeing or horseback;

The ski for downhill skiing and cross country skiing in the world with thousands of kilometres of slopes;

The pool, gym, sauna and Spa in Canove arrangement with the Hotel Belmonte,

The old railway track has been recently restored and equipped with a nature trail, through which one can reach Asiago directly on foot, on horseback or with snowshoes;

Historical tourism with the possibility of guided visits to museums and educational sites dedicated to the great war fought in 1915-18 right on these mountains;

Eco-tourism and archeology with the chance to see the important sites of the Val d Assa and the Bostel of Rotzo, real outdoor museums that tell of the prehistoric origins of our people;